Tuesday, May 02, 2006


to you, to me, to each other, to today and yesterday and tomorrow...

As my introductory blog contribution, I will take this moment to establish some things about some things.
I'll start with the who of who I am.
Many things fabricate my existence in this moment, for instance, your reading my blog puts me into existence, but so does the ground that supports my feet.
Of course, this blog would exist without you, but it's nice to have you hear/here.
I presently live in a place tentatively titled Seattle, WA, in the continent of North America.

I do this particularly strange thing on a regular basis where I dress up in a costume and move around a designated area, and people come to watch. Around 100 years ago they started calling it Modern dance. Sometimes it is just an intense form of virtuosic pageantry. Other times it is an expression of the inexplicable poetic activity of the innards. Sometimes it's just clownin, Sometimes it is just so damn hilarious any of us could take ourselves so seriously. Sometimes is is so sad when we don't.

This dancing activity gives me a sense of purpose, even though it confuses me most of the time, but its a wonderful little way to pass the hours of life. You should try it sometime and report to me what happens. Give the neighbors or an invisible audience, if you prefer, a show of you, in some garb from your closet or kitchen pantry while moving around your living room. You can add props for effect/metaphors that either confound or inform your audience. You can even add sound, music, or use your body to make the music (yes, self-generated sounds count!)

Well...what are you waiting for?


Blogger lukeACE_Ghandi said...

Your point of view, I am thanking -for existing. This society needs writers, observers like you. Thank you.

11:58 AM  
Blogger bryorbitron said...

I told myself I would not get into this blog...thing, but here I am with a blog and blogging, sounds like a symptom of a bad cold. I love your honesty, I was just about to write down all the shit that drives me nuts about dance in my journal and then thought what the hell, I'll just allow the computer to suck me in for a while. I have spent every waking moment for the past two months trying to figure out what the hell I am doing with a new dance work, sometimes I feel I am split in two, one half says "fuck yeah!!!" let's get crazy and make some new work! the other slumps down and picks my nose making me wish I was living on a boat out in the San Juan islands eating crab and reading old books. Even though I don't like crab but it sounded so poetic for a moment. Somewhere down the line people like you and I were hard-wired into a belief that our purpose is to unravel our purpose and hence find ourselves spinning everything around and spewing it out, preferably onto crowds of people who pay us money and then for those brief but beautiful moments inbetween blowing our artistic wads and basking in post orgasmic expression we can rest for a moment and feel like fuck, that felt good, life is good...of course before you know it you find yourself sliding down the hillside to yet another realm of creative foreplay. why? because fucking is good.

7:47 AM  

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