Monday, June 19, 2006

Amsterdam was fairly kind, despite the grad school audition.
Even a light degree of misinformation can lead you far from the internal home.
Steadfast the vision. It came back. I came back. With a greater sense of not knowing.
European dancemaking....there is more to it than the intellectuals.
Thinking is only one end of the spectrum for making art...
there is also intuition/recieving from the unnameable.
Allowing the confluence of matter and ideas play out.
There is validity in searching in this manner for creativity,
and in general.

The world needs us to get WIDE BRAINed.
Frontal heat pointing thinker, disengage.
Feel the weight of your brain from the back of your skull,
let this weight of your mass lull around. Work from this place.
It is not the same kind of working, is it...


Blogger XannaX said...

Hi Jessica! Tanks for your comment in my blog. I hope i have understand it. You mean Man Ray the surreslist phtografer? i don't know the word manray...
My post, as my blog, want's to transmit feelings, what i feel, i use the pictures mostly to translate those feelings and i don't want to use the female images to induce the idea of women as an object. Not at all, and i hope that is not that idea i suggest you. (Sorry for my english)
Landay is a litle poem from the Iran women who express their feelings of revolt for repression for their condition as "secundary human been's", as well their feelings of love and passion... their'r very beautiful and strong poems...
I liked your blog, understand that you'r a dancer... lovely!
Keep going! I'll be back!
have a nice weekend1

6:27 AM  
Blogger XannaX said...

Sorry, not Iran women, but Afhegan, from Apheganistan, more specific from a tribe called Pashtun.

6:32 AM  
Blogger Jessica Jobaris said...

Hi xannax!
Great to hear form you...yes I meant Man Ray (not manyray). I hop eyou are still fotographing! I am wondering where are you from?
I can't waite to check out your site again, see more pics. You do have a talent.

11:07 PM  
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