Saturday, November 25, 2006

If you have found yourself here, you may freely write your comments regarding our latest dance/theatre/video work, "The Origami Party/It's a motherf*****r...being here without you."

History of "Origami.../Mother..." is based on a (sort of) true story of three siblings coming to terms with the death of their mother. With theatrical mayhem, the siblings sift through absurdity and grief and everywhere in between. This work of dance-theater is co-directed by Jobaris with Lucas Allen and features a new electro-acoustic composition by Allen. Film collaboration with Jessica Jobaris and Luke Allen. Performers/co-creators: Luke Allen,Tasa Gleason,and Cathleen O'Malley.
On Commenting:
Although we are in the work-in-progress phase, the freedom is yours to be as uninhibited as you wish. We encourage honesty as a form of freedom. You may comment anonymously; all comments will be published and unedited.


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